ONGO CARGO CO.,LTD has 20000 square meters of self storage, to provide customers with professional warehousing management services. In addition to proprietary warehousing services, our company has established bonded logistics warehouses in many places.

* general logistics warehousing services

Mainly through the provision of container handling services, sorting, packaging, matching and other services to shorten the order completion time, reduce factory inventory, logistics costs, thereby reducing the total cost of finished products.

Main service items: container handling services, quality control, sorting, packaging, packaging and separation, quality management, labeling, maintenance and repair, simple processing.

* bonded logistics, warehousing services

Bonded warehouse business advantages:

It will greatly speed up customs clearance between ports and bonded zones and save customs clearance costs, and relax foreign exchange control over bonded ports

When goods entering the bonded port area are deemed to be exported, the entry into the territory shall be deemed as tax refund;

The goods in the bonded area can be stored for a long time;

Batch entry and exit, centralized declaration;

Inspection and maintenance of parts;